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Liza Velarde, Delee- Fundraising in Times of COVID-19: Crowdfunding, Ep 10

In this episode of the WeXchange podcast, we talk to Liza Velarde, CEO and co-founder of Delee, a Mexican startup from the MedTech industry. Delee’s technology helps doctors detect cancer at an early stage and monitors treatments by isolating and analyzing cancer cells in the blood.

Liza was the winner of the 2015 WeXchange Pitch Competition in Monterrey, Mexico and participated in YCombinator’s 2017 Batch. She also won the Cartier Women’s Initiative for Latin America in 2019. Among her most recent achievements, Delee closed an investment round of $1M through crowdfunding.

Listen to this episode of WeXchange to learn more about Liza and how Delee raised funds in the middle of a pandemic.

Outline of this episode:

  • [0:39] – Introduction
  • [2:30] – About Delee
  • [3:48] – Motivation for becoming an entrepreneur
  • [5:34] – Investment rounds
  • [8:01] – Crowdfunding process
  • [13:29] – Delee’s micro investors
  • [16:04] – Disadvantages of crowdfunding
  • [17:18] – The crowdfunding landscape in Latin America
  • [19:26] – Advice for starting a fundraising campaign


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