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Three Women STEMpreneurs leading the HR revolution in Latin America, Ep 15

In this episode of WeXchange’s podcast, we invited three amazing entrepreneurs leading HR tech companies in the region to learn more about this ever-evolving industry. We discuss some of the biggest challenges that HR managers face, the future of work in a pandemic world, and how some of these pain points can be tackled through technology.

Renata Betti is co-founder and CMO of Talent Academy, a people analytics and employee experience company that helps transform an organization’s culture through engagement and connection. Renata is also one of the finalists of the WeXchange Women’s S

TEMpreneneurs Competition 2020.

Noelia Aguirre is the founder and CEO of RobinTests, a neurotech platform that interprets human cognition, measures social and digital skills, and provides companies with better information to understand their future talent and workforce while building stronger teams through gamification.

Maya Dadoo is the CEO and co-founder of Worky, an all-in-one HR software and payroll solution for SMEs in Mexico. Through Worky, Maya is empowering employees to have more control over their financial health.

Outline of this episode:

 Renata Betti

  • [0:40] – About Renata and Talent Academy
  • [3:53] – A family run business
  • [7:06] – A people and culture development platform
  • [8:10] – Talent Academy clients
  • [10:00] – Taking part in Berkeley SkyDeck
  • [12:00] – HR tech industry in Latin America
  • [13:53] – Lessons learned on the entrepreneurial journey
  • [17:30] – What’s next for Talent Academy?


Noelia Aguirre 

  • [19:40] – About Noelia and RobinTest
  • [22:40] – A typical RobinTest customer
  • [23:50] – Challenges in building a neurotech platform
  • [27:48] – What sets RobinTest apart?


Maya Dadoo

  • [34:40] – About Maya and Worky
  • [36:53] – Turning point into entrepreneurship
  • [39:20] – About Worky
  • [42:33] – Profile of Worky clients
  • [44:03] – The implications of the pandemic on HR
  • [46:25] – Insights on Worky’s clients
  • [49:05] – Choosing a board of investors
  • [51:10] – Elements that set Worky apart
  • [53:44] – Main challenges of the entrepreneurial journey
  • [56:50] – Next steps for Worky


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