Learn about the success stories, lessons learned, insights and advice of experts from the entrepreneurial ecosystem and woman entrepreneurs in STEM from Latin America and the Caribbean.

wX Insights 2020: The Rise of the Women STEMpreneurs, EP 7

wX Insights 2020 is WeXchange’s newest study on the current state of women STEMpreneurs in Latin America and the Caribbean, for which 1,148 women entrepreneurs, out of which 405 were identified as STEMpreneurs, from 27 countries in the region were surveyed. In this episode, Juan Savino, the author of the study with over 10 years of experience in Venture Capital in the Lain America, reflects on the major findings of wX Insights 2020. Afterwards, the roles are reversed and Juan interviews Susana García-Robles, the Co-founder of WeXchange. Together, Susana and Juan discuss the trends in the region’s ecosystem, the challenges faced by women STEMpreneurs, as well as potential solutions.