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Min Chen, Wisy: Enhancing the customer experience form Panamá to Silicon Valley, Ep 13

In this episode of the WeXchange podcast, we invite Min Chen, co-founder and CEO of Wisy, a Panamanian startup based in San Francisco that seeks to solve a one trillion dollar problem within the consumer packaged goods industry. Their solution –which is backed by Nasdaq, SAP, and Google– uses artificial intelligence to detect and predict product shortages with the aim to recover missed sales opportunities and increase customer satisfaction.

Originally from China, Min explains how her parents’ decision to migrate to Panama with no money, support network, and not knowing the language instilled an entrepreneurial spirit in her from a young age. Listen to this episode of the WeXchange podcast to learn more about Min’s story and how she expanded Wisy to the US and challenged the stereotypes of Silicon Valley founders.

Outline of this episode:

  • [0:47] – About Wisy
  • [1:55] – From China to Panama
  • [4:50] – Choosing a STEM career
  • [6:15] – Wisy’s inflection point
  • [8:19] – Taking the leap towards Silicon Valley
  • [11:10] – Wisy’s founding team
  • [16:44] – Lessons and challenges experienced during Wisy’s growth
  • [19:56] – Bursting the Silicon Valley bubble
  • [21:54] – On raising capital
  • [26:01] – Advice for entrepreneurs with Silicon Valley in mind
  • [32:06] – Wisy milestones
  • [33:56] – Advice for Min’s younger self
  • [35:12] – Next steps for Wisy

Resources & people mentioned
Min Chen
Haas University
Nélida Gómez Quintero
Ricardo Chen H.
Orlando R.