wX Insights: The Rise of Women STEMpreneurs

wX Insights is WeXchange’s cornerstone knowledge product that provides the most recent data into the profiles of women STEMpreneurs in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In 2019, WeXchange, in partnership with Santander X, commissioned a study under the name wX Insights: The Rise of Women STEMpreneurs. This study complements the WeGrow report on women entrepreneurs, conducted in 2014 by IDB Lab and E&Y.

wX Insights was based on 1,148 survey responses from women in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in LAC, out of which 405 were identified as entrepreneurs in STEM. The study also interviewed 17 VC investors from the region who either invested in women or were women investors.


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WEGrow: Unlocking the Growth Potential of Women Entrepreneurs in Latin America and the Caribbean

This study was commissioned by the IDB Lab (formerly known as the IDB´s Multilateral Investment Fund) and produced by Ernst & Young. It analyzes the profiles, challenges and needs of high-growth women entrepreneurs in nine countries in the region.
This study was the first of its kind in Latin America and the Caribbean. It was based on 427 survey responses of entrepreneurs and executives, and 8 focus groups with ecosystem players.


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