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Women Entrepreneurs Responding to COVID-19, EP 9

In this episode of WeXchange, we interview two Colombian entrepreneurs who have responded to the new global context with innovative solutions in the EdTech and EventTech industries.

Vicky Ricaurte is co-founder and CEO of Arukay, a learning system that teaches coding to  primary and secondary school students through STEAM content (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). Arukay uses machine learning  to teach students at their own peace. Arukay’s system is 100% cloud-based which makes it easy for schools to start their digital transformation.

Check out this episode of WeXchange, to find out how Arukay uses technology to make remote education possible in times of COVID-19.

Juliana Villalba is co-founder and CEO of Rebus, a startup that provides online solutions to boost event revenue. Juliana was also a finalist in the 2017 WeXchange Pitch Competition. Rebus is helping the events industry create ancillary revenue through the sales of products, services, and experiences during and after the events.

Listen to this episode of WeXchange to learn how Rebus rapidly reinvented itself and churned out three new solutions in an industry that has been one of the most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Outline of this episode:

Vicky Ricaurte

  • [1:21] – About Arukay
  • [3:16] – COVID-19 context
  • [7:08] – Arukay users
  • [9:09] – Next six months for Arukay
  • [11:48] – Insights for other entrepreneurs

Juliana Villalba

  • [14:50] – About Rebus
  • [16:14] – Impact of COVID-19
  • [21:42] – Next six months for Rebus

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